Kathi Darwaza


This stone gateway, directly north of the white-domed Chetipacha Gurdwara, is part of one of the last remnant sections of Srinagar's late 16th-century walls, originally built by Akbar and stretching for 4.8km.

A road and then stairway from here leads up to the Makhdoom Sahib Shrine.

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Nearby Srinagar attractions

1. Naagar-Nagar Interpretation Centre

0.17 MILES

Beside the Makhdoom Ropeway, this empty hall has a few boards explaining the Mughal history of the Hari Parbat ('Naagar-Nagar') walled city.

2. Mosque of Akhund Mullah Shah

0.24 MILES

Built in 1649 by Shah Jahan's son Dara Shikoh for his spiritual mentor, the mosque of Akhund Mullah Shah is only a chunky stone shell set amid plane trees…

3. Hari Parbat Fort

0.32 MILES

On the strategically and spiritually significant Koh-e-Maran hill, north of the city centre, is this powerful qila (fort), which dates to the 6th century…

4. Makhdoom Sahib Shrine

0.34 MILES

On the southern flank of Hari Parbat, the large and ornately carved Makhdoom Sahib Shrine is dedicated to the Qadri-order Sufi saint who helped the spread…

5. Badamvaer Gardens

0.41 MILES

Created in the 16th century, then planted with almond (badam) trees in 1876, this quiet orchard garden fell apart during Kashmir's 1990s troubles but has…

6. Rozabal

0.73 MILES

At the north end of the triangular patch of grass near the Sufi shrine of Pir Dastgir Sahib is a small, green shrine known as Rozabal. A highly…

7. Naqshband Sahib

0.75 MILES

This beautifully proportioned if uncoloured 17th-century shrine was built in Himachal Pradesh style, with alternating layers of wood and brick to…

8. Jama Masjid

0.76 MILES

Looking like the movie set for an imagined Central Asian castle, this mighty 1672 mosque (built on an earlier 1394 construction) forms a quadrangle around…