Querim Beach

Arambol (Harmal)

Quiet Querim is the place to come to while away the hours in relative peace, with just a few beach shacks setting up here in season. Backed by a shady cover of fir and casuarina trees and separated from Arambol and Kalacha by a rocky headland, this is Goa's most northerly beach and a popular area for long-stayers renting local houses.

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Nearby Arambol (Harmal) attractions

1. Terekhol Fort

1.06 MILES

This historic bastion just across the river from Querim was built by the ruling Maratha dynasty in the early 18th century. It was soon taken by the…

2. Mandrem Beach

4.41 MILES

The beach here is wide and whiter than those further south. An unusual feature of Mandrem is the narrow river inlet separating the white-sand beach from…

3. Aswem Beach

5.06 MILES

The quiet Aswem sands are popular with long-staying foreigners and play host to an annually changing parade of beach-hut accommodation and beach-shack…

4. Chapora Fort

7.58 MILES

Chapora’s old laterite fort, standing guard over the mouth of the Chapora River, was built by the Portuguese in 1617, to protect Bardez taluk (district),…

5. Vagator Beach

7.69 MILES

The most northerly and largest beach is a beautiful stretch of sand, which fills up for a few hours each afternoon when domestic coach tours unload their…

6. Chapora Harbour

7.78 MILES

The narrow road northwest of the village leads you past lots of village homes with rooms for rent, up to a small harbour where the day’s catch is hauled…

7. Temple

7.99 MILES

Hindu temple on the Chapora road.