Netaji Nagar

Andaman Islands

The sprawling, rugged and blonde Netaji Nagar, stretching 8km to 12km north of Hut Bay, is the beach where most accommodation is located.

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1. Kalapathar

3.07 MILES

Kalapathar lagoon is a popular enclosed swimming area with shady patches of sand, around 12km north of Hut Bay. Look for the cave in the cliff face that…

2. Butler Bay


Little Andaman’s best beach: a spectacular, powder-soft golden-white sweep of sand, famed for having some of India's best surfing waves.

3. Little Andaman Lighthouse

8.59 MILES

Little Andaman's 41m-tall lighthouse makes for a worthwhile excursion, around 10km south of Hut Bay. Its 200 steps spiral up to magnificent views over the…