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If you visit only one town in the Eastfjords, this should be it. Made up of multicoloured wooden houses and surrounded by snowcapped mountains and cascading waterfalls, super-picturesque Seyðisfjörður (pronounced 'say-this-fjurther') is the most historically and architecturally interesting town in East Iceland. It’s also a friendly place with an international community of artists, musicians, craftspeople and students.

If the weather’s good, the scenic Rte 93 drive from Egilsstaðir is a delight, climbing to a high pass then descending along the waterfall-filled river Fjarðará.

Summer is the liveliest time to visit, particularly when Smyril Line’s ferry sails majestically up the 17km-long fjord to town – a perfect way to arrive in Iceland. Note: you may wish to avoid Seyðisfjorður on Wednesday nights in summer, as the ferry to Europe sails on Thursday mornings and accommodation and meals in town are in hot demand. If you are taking the ferry, book accommodation well ahead.

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