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Port-au-Prince & Around

Let’s admit the obvious: Port-au-Prince doesn’t have the image of somewhere you’d visit for fun. A true city of the developing world, just a couple of hours by air from Miami, the city was preceded by a reputation for impoverished chaos even before the 2010 earthquake shook it to its foundations. Years later the recovery is still slow going, the gulf between rich and poor remains as wide as ever, and the streets remain cluttered with trash and rubble.

And yet the city remains one of the most vibrant and exciting in the Caribbean. Like a bottle of local klerin liquor, Port-au-Prince takes the raw energy of Haiti and distills it into one buzzing shot, and witnessing the self-sufficient spirit of its people might be the most life-affirming experience you have on your travels. It’s a chaotic, exhilarating, compelling place, and if you're not careful, it may well capture your soul.