East Acropolis & Structure 216

El Petén

Near the site entrance is the high point of Yaxhá (literally): Structure 216 in the East Acropolis. Also called the Temple of the Red Hands, because red hand prints were discovered there, it towers over 30m high, affording views in every direction.

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1. Twin Pyramid Complex

0.09 MILES

This largely unexcavated complex consists of two identical pyramids facing each other across a lawn. Similar to one of the arrangements at Tikal, it is…

2. Lesser Astronomical Complex (Plaza C)

0.11 MILES

Plaza C, the first group of buildings you come to on entering Yaxhá, is one of a pair of astronomical observatories; the Greater Astronomical Complex …

3. Yaxhá


The Classic Maya sites of Yaxhá, Nakum and El Naranjo form a triangle that is the basis for a national park covering more than 37,000 hectares and…

6. Interpretive Center

0.31 MILES

A trail from the ticket booth leads down to the lakeshore and the new Interpretive Center, which displays ceramic pieces, musical instruments and jewelry…

7. South Acropolis

0.34 MILES

A complex of palatial structures from which Yaxhá's aristocracy could watch the games going on in the ball court below.

8. North Acropolis

0.39 MILES

The trio of pyramidal temples at the North Acropolis are built atop older structures dating back to 100 BC. Comprising of seven platforms, the…