Centro Cultural La Azotea


A sprawling coffee plantation outside Jocotenango, La Azotea features a complex of three museums. The Museo del Café covers the history and process of coffee cultivation; the Casa K'ojom holds a superb collection of traditional Maya musical instruments, masks, paintings and other artifacts; and the Rincón de Sacatepéquez displays the multicolored outfits and crafts of the Antigua valley.

You can roam the coffee plantation itself, which is crisscrossed by nature trails; adjacent to it is a botanical garden and nursery with an incredible variety of tropical plants. A shop sells quality coffee, local crafts and Maya instruments. Beside the estate is Establo La Ronda, a stable of 30 horses where experienced riders can join tours of the highlands.

Catch a tuk-tuk from Antigua to La Azotea; it costs Q10 to the finca, an additional Q5 to be taken the further 500m to the museum entrance.

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