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Built on the site of ancient Pharai, Kalamata takes its modern name from a miracle-working icon of the Virgin Mary known as kalo mata (good eye). It was discovered in the stables of the Ottoman aga (governor), who converted to Christianity as a result of the miracles it was believed to have performed. The icon now resides inside the city’s oversized cathedral, the Church of Ypapantis.

Below the kastro (fort) is the small but attractive old town, which was almost totally destroyed by the Turks during the War of Independence, rebuilt by French engineers in the 1830s, then levelled again by an earthquake in 1986.

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$277.60 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Day Trip to Ancient Messene - Ithomi from Kalamata

Start out from your hotel and in less than an hour you will arrive under the hill of Ithomi, where Ancient Messene is located. Enjoy the full trees stunning scenery and learn about all the myths, traditions and secrets that areas will encounter.First, stop is at the source of village Mauromati. Learn about the legend that reveals the name of the village - a myth that reaches back to the years of ancient Greeks’ mythology and is related to the upbringing of Zeus. The structures you'll first see are the city’s fortification wall and the only surviving entrance gate. They are standing there steadfast from 369 BCE. Stand in front of the Arcadian Gate to admire its splendor and allow the stones to take you back centuries ago, wondering how it feels like to be a Messenian warrior fighting to protect your family. Wander through the same paths where Epaminondas once stepped, the famous general who founded the city on the ruins of Ancient Ithomi, which were the direct result of Spartans’ behaviors as conquerors. But that great man decided to stop the wars and continued exercising "democracy." Just above the ancient city, there's a coffee shop which will play host to you for about an hour before entering the main sight. There, you'll learn everything about the foundation of the city, its history and the continuously changing of conquers. Wander around within the ancient city at your leisure within the time allotted. Finally, see the small Archaeological Museum which you'll visit later.

$333.12 Private & Custom Tours

Private Day Trip to Mystras from Kalamata

Our journey will start at your hotel, preferably in the morning and in less than two hours we will have reached our destination, the castle town of Mystras.The route is spectacular, as we will cross the famous and full of myths and traditions mountains of Taygetos. Passing through ravines, stone tunnels, caves and green forests.  Our first stop for photos will be in Keadas. Witness the cliff at which Ancient Spartans were bringing and throwing their newborn sick children over, in order to avoid the continuation of the defective genes, that threatened to altered their proud and perfectionist race.During the trip, you will learn everything about the foundation of the castle town of Mystras, by William Villehardouin the second, in the 12th century AD. For his defeat by the Byzantine emperors and stories of the families of Katakouzenos and Paleologus, who brought Mystras at the peak of its glory in the 13th and 14th century AD. You will be informed about the long history of wars that followed, and the alternation of the conquerors.You will wander around Acropolis of William, which dominates the top of castle town. In narrow streets at which once walked princesses and Byzantine emperors. In museums within the cluttered walls, full with elements of daily life. In monasteries where nuns are still living. In churches where emperors were enthroned.Finally, if you're hungry, remember that you are in Greece. Mediterranean traditional dishes at local restaurants are waiting for you. If not, go back to your hotel to enjoy your afternoon swim in the sea. Join us and feel like the princess or the knight of your childhood fairy tales.

$333.12 Private & Custom Tours

Private Day Trip to Diros Caves and Villages of Mani from Kalamata

Our tour will begin from your hotel and in less than an hour, we will be at the first village of Manis’ region, Kardamili. Built entirely on the coast of Outer Mani, Kardamyli will host us for a coffee so as to have the opportunity to admire the wonderful view to the sea.Next village, Stoupa, will surprise you with the beauty of the organized beaches. The landscape will change immediately as we will be crossing the imaginary borders of Inner Mani. The rest of the villages that we will encounter are literally "climbed" in these wild and beautiful mountains. During our journey you will learn all those historical elements that make Mani a magical region. You will also hear stories about the independent and tough natured locals.We will not miss the opportunity to stop at two or three churches. Each and every one has great historical interest as they were built between the 11th and 12th century. Our perseverance with them has nothing to do with their deep religionists residents, but with the historical data that they can provide.However, in order to reach the Caves of Diros, we should cross over the gulf of Itilo, the most impressive highlight of the tour. The combination of colors, the wild beauty of the mountains and the turquoise waters of the bay create images that you will never forget!Located at the top of the Mani between the town of Pirgos Dirou and Areopolis the entrance of Diros' Caves is a few meters above the sea level. When you enter the cave you walk down a stairway to an underground lake where there are boats waiting. You will be given a life-vest and then each boat gets a guide who uses poles to journey through the caverns and tunnels, which are eerily lit and adorned with stalactites and stalagmites, many with interesting names. You will pass through some sections just wide enough to allow your boat, where you have to duck your head and then enter into an enormous subterranean room where you can hear the voices of people on other boats in the distance. Our exploration will make you hungry. As we return we can stop at Stoupa and  dine at one of the amazing traditional cuisine restaurants in front of the sea. Alternatively, we can immediately return to Kalamata to enjoy your afternoon swim.This experience will be unforgettable.

$185.07 Kid Friendly

Private Kalamata Historic Center Walking Tour

You will be picked up from your hotel or the port and in less than 10 minutes you will be in the square of the Ypapanti, the largest church and patron saint of the city, from where your tour begins.The selection of the starting point of our tour is not by chance. In 1986 a large earthquake exposed the ancient city of Kalamata (Farai), hiding just under the sanctuary of Ypapanti’s Church. Parts of the fortification wall of the ancient city, statues and pottery sherds, slept for centuries in the bowels of the church and now they are in the Acropolis Museum of Athens.You will continue walking around the city’s castle, the one that Villehardouins’ family decided to built during the 12th century. At its base, you will have the opportunity to see two houses preserved from 1821, despite the years that have passed and the earthquake that tore down all the other buildings. You will see also the first hospital of free Kalamata, after 300 years of slavery under the Turks.You will admire the church of St. John, which was built inside a cave and was used by the Greeks as a secret school for their children during the Ottoman era.The next highlight of our adventure is the tour of the Castle. Walking through the narrow cobbled alleys, among the ruins of the salon of Isabella and her father William, you will feel like the princesses or the knights of your childhood fairy tales.After that, the monastery of nuns, will bring you back to reality and the modern history of Kalamata. Inside the monastery, the nuns were the first ones taught how to cultivate the silkworm and the art of weaving silk handkerchiefs. In that same place they taught it to the young women of the region. Silk scarves have become Kalamata’s trademark well known throughout Greece.Your ride continues south, to the oldest church of the city, the church of Agioi Apostoloi. It was built in the 11th century AD. The church’s square, picturesque and full of stores, coffee shops and restaurants, will make you want to take your time and rest. So you can relax and enjoy your coffee in one of the many small traditional cafes or buy souvenirs or traditional local products.The pedestrian street that we will follow later is Kalamata’s commercial center. You will be able to admire some of the greatest neoclassical and classical  buildings but also buildings from the inter war era. The main city hall will impress you.Surely by then you will be hungry. Since you are in Kalamata, you must not miss the opportunity to taste Mediterranean cuisine. You will have many choices from which you can choose the one that satisfies most your preferences.You will never regret choosing Kalamata as your destination. Your tour awaits. 

$370.14 Private & Custom Tours

Private Day Trip to Ancient Olympia from Kalamata

Our tour will begin from your hotel and in less than two hours, after crossing the valley of river Alpheus, we will be in the Western Peloponnese and specifically in Olympia. During our trip, you will learn everything about Ancient Olympia, which was not a simple city with permanent residents, but a sanctuary of buildings associated with the ancient Olympic Games.The history of its foundation began in 776 BC, when three Greek kings, decided to turn the interest of their soldiers to something else other than wars. Sports! But the ethos and the Olympic ideals of the ancient Greeks, the excellent preparation of the organizers and the massive participation of athletes made these Games become the most famous and important event of the ancient world.Once you know every detail concerning the monuments you will encounter in the archaeological site, we will take you to the entrance and let you browse at your convenience, as long as you want.From the first buildings that you come across, you will be overwhelmed by the energy of athletes who once used them. The ancient gymnasium and the Palaestra, were the places where  athletes used to practice before the games.Immediately after, you will find the Workshop of Pheidias, the laboratory in which one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the golden statue of Zeus was created. Leonidaion, was Olympia’s hotel and hosted distinguished guests of the Games from 330B.C.You will have the opportunity to admire Vouleuterio, the building in which the Elean Senate, whose members were responsible for the organization of the games was situated. The Temples of Zeus and Hera will leave you speechless with the magnificence of their architecture.Entering the ancient stadium through the Crypt, you will feel the agony of the athletes who were taking part in the games in front of thousands of spectators. You will have the opportunity to be photographed at the point where, even today, the lighting of the Olympic Flame takes place.But your adventure will not be over yet. The museum of Olympia, one of the largest and most important museums of Greece, will make you feel the pulse of these times, the splendor and magic of the Olympic idea.We will wait for you at the exit of the museum and we will take you to the nearest restaurant to relax or optionally to try the excellent Mediterranean cuisine. Before we take our way back, we can  visit modern Olympia with the traditional souvenir shops.This experience will be unforgettable.

$370.14 Private & Custom Tours

Private Day Trip to Pylos and Voidolikia from Kalamata

Following a pickup from your Kalamata hotel or the cruise port, take a seat in your comfortable vehicle and relax on route through the olive and orange groves to Pylos. Along the way, listen as your private guide shares a few of the myths and traditions surrounding this beautiful corner of coastal Greece. Explore the picturesque town of Pylos as your private guide sheds light on the violent battles that raged here during the time of the Spartans. Admire sweeping views over Sfaktiria Island and Navarino Bay — where historic fortresses hide on the forested hillsides. Visit Niokastro Castle — a powerful fortress constructed by the Turks in 1573 AD — and stroll along the cobblestone streets for fine views over the towers and aqueduct. Afterward, head onward to the beach at Voidokilia — widely considered the prettiest in the region. Enjoy free time to swim in the sea or soak up the rays on the golden sand. Perhaps stop for lunch in the nearby village of Yalova (own expense). Then, return in comfort to your starting point in Kalamata.