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Surrounded by the teal waters of the Aegean Sea, imposing Monemvasia is an iceberg-like slab of rock, with sheer cliffs rising hundreds of metres from the sea, linked to the mainland by a single, highly defensible causeway.

These days Monemvasia incorporates both the rock, with its medieval village enclosed within the walls of its kastro (fort), and the modern mainland village of Gefyra, just across the causeway. ‘You can find everything you want in this city – except water’, observed an 18th-century Turkish traveller. Monemvasia has remained inhabited to this day, though only around 20 people live in the kastro permanently – the rest go home to Gefyra after a day's work. In spite of Monemvasia's immense popularity, the extraordinary visual impact of the medieval village, and the delights of exploring it, override the effects of mass tourism.

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