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In Greek mythology, Serifos is where Perseus grew up, bringing back the Medusa's head to save his mother from the unwanted romantic attentions of Polydectes, and where the Cyclopes were said to live. There’s some fine walking on Serifos, and plenty to explore below the waves too.

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Cyclades 8 days & 7 nights with captain

Not far from Athens you can discover the most precious jewel of the Aegean Sea: the archipelago of the Cyclades. . Incomparable brightness, translucent waters, lustrous white buildings, bare rock, dream beaches make the magic of these islands, each of which has a different character.  Come discover these wonders at the rhythm of varied stopovers (small fishing ports, typical taverns, coves with crystal clear water ...), everything enjoying the charm of life on board, without constraints or schedules rigid. The trips from one island to another are early in the morning or evening so that you can then fully and freely enjoy  your day... Day 1: Arrival at Athens   Arrival at Athene, at the port of Lavrio. Departure to Kea Vourkari (15 nautical miles). Arrival at Kea.  Free time to discover at full freedom Kea,  which is an hour from the port of Lavrio. Cosmopolitan, friendly, accessible, it is an island where regulars come every weekend from spring to enjoy fresh fish at the marinas and enjoy the air of the Aegean Sea.  Day 2: Departure from Kea to Kythnos Loutra (20 nautical miles) Early departure to Kythnos Loutra Island. Arrival at Kythnos Loutra and free time. You will discover the northeastern region of the island which is very famous for its thermal springs, enjoy every second that you there spend! Day 3: Departure from Kythnos Loutra to Syros Foinikas (25 nautical miles) Early departure to Syros. Arrival to Syros Foinikas and free time. In Syros, you will feel at home, like all those who, looking for the quality of life from another era, chose the capital of Cyclades as their main residence.  Day 4: Departure from Syros Foinikas to Serifos Livadi (24 nautical miles) Early departure to Serifos. Arrival at Serifos Livadi and free time. Relative to other famous islands of the Cyclades, Serifos is the ideal destination for those seek something different than the sumptuousness of the popular Aegean islands. The port Livadi, will remind you of times of old, of an innocent time. You go and fall in love again on its beaches with turquoise waters.  Day 5: Serifos Free time at leisure in Serifos. Day 6: Departure from Serifos Livadi to Kythnos Merichas (21miles) Early departure to Kythnos Island. Arrival at Kythnos Merichas and free time. Day 7: Departure from Kythnos Merichas to Cape Sounion (22miles) Early departure to Cape Sounion. Arrival at Cape Sounion  where you can admire the temple of Poseidon - among the most important shrines of the ancient world and major attractions of Athens.  Day 8: Departure from Athene Departure from Cape Sounion to Lavrio (7miles). Total: 134 nautical miles  (approximately).

$342.25 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Sailing Greece from Athens on a Private Yacht, weekly or short

All Weekly trips depart on a Saturday, around mid-day when boat is ready. We sail off the Alimos Marina of Athens, Pier 8, having bought food and drinks provisions for snacks, light lunch, salads and drinks on board. The Alimos Marina is very easily accessible form the airport by Bus (X96), 45' to Eden stop or from the Athens city center by taxi, tram or bus. I shall propose an itinerary around the islands and coasts, depending on how fast or how slow you want to go, and you shall make choices ! Meaning, how many different islands you want to visit within the week, and how many stops for swimming. Our only constraints are daylight and weather. I shall advise what time we need to be on the route to a safe anchorage or port before dark. In strong wind conditions we shall play safe and relax. Within one week we can nicely tour most of the Saronic-Argolic islands & coasts, namely Aegina, Poros, Hydra, Spetses, Angistri, Methana, PortoHeli, Dokos, Ermioni, also Epidavros (where the ancient theatre for a tragedy performance!). Alternatively, we head to the Cyclades, stopping at cap Sounion, and visit Kea (Tzia), Kythnos, up to Serifos, Sifnos. To visit Mykonos, Paros, Milos, Santorini we shall need 2 weeks to better enjoy the trip. A third route is to the Ionian (west) islands, crossing the Corinth Canal. Depending on your desire to discover the inner world of the any island you like, we may stay for more days, tour it on foot, rent bicycles or motor bikes, visiting ancient ruins, local museums, wine tasting or other attractions. The 1-3 day trips sailing off Athens, will allow us to cover the Athens riviera or two to three islands within the Saronic-Argolic gulfs.  The yacht is a 39ft (11,5m) ELAN, featuring 3 double wide cabins that comfortably sleep 6 persons, 2 bathrooms, the salon (where skipper sleeps) and kitchen. It is equipped with roller sails (both mainsail and genoa), GPS plotter, solar panel, 3 water tanks (512lts), electric fridge, music system. There is so much to discover in terms of Greek islands ! Some say that a lifetime is not enough to sail all of them and really get to know them. That's why we have guests who keep coming back to us summer after summer, for 12 years now !

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Sail the Greek Cyclades Islands

Enjoy a complimentary single timed 30 minutes' long transfer from Athens international airport to Lavrio port where the sailing yacht is based. Before sailing, take part in a short safety briefing by your skipper. Then, you’ll be ready for your 2 hours scenic sailing  to the island of Kea. Fertile and green, Kea is hikers’ paradise, abundant with routes to beautiful, remote beaches. After a hearty breakfast, head off sailing to Poles bay in Kea, overlooking ancient Karthea. Your guide will take you to follow in the footsteps of travelers who have been visiting Kea since the 17th century exploring Karthea, the most important of the ancient Tetrapolis of Kea in the antiquity. After a dip at one of Kea’s most beautiful beaches, Aeolus, God of wind, will blow into the sails of your yacht as you set off for a relaxing afternoon sailing across to the picturesque port of Loutra on Kythnos, known for its natural warm springs, which you will have the chance to experience!Take a guided walk around the striking, arid countryside around Loutra in Kythnos, where you will discover hidden centuries-old castles and whitewashed churches while coming across farmers and shepherds who live off this dramatic landscape.After a refreshing dip and a light lunch, the voyage continues to Serifos island, an integral part of Greek mythology, since its name is associated with two of the most famous mythical heroes: Ulysses and Perseus. If you’re up for it, you can try your balance at paddle boarding in of Serifos’ secluded beaches.In the morning explore Serifos Chora’s narrow whitewashed alleys, colored with the lush green, pink and purple of overflowing bougainvillea. A steep walk up to the peak will bring you to Ag. Konstantinos chapel. Enjoy amazing views of the Aegean Sea islands of Kythnos, Kimolos, Milos, and Sifnos.The next stage of the trip takes you back to Kythnos, but this time on the western side to the gold-sanded beaches of Apokrousi and Kolona, which are basically the edges of a narrow bar connecting the main island of Kythnos to the islet of Agios Loukas.On your last day, take an early morning spectacular loop hike which leads you to a hilltop from where you can admire this astonishing natural phenomenon, which from up high looks much like a column standing-out from a cobalt blue background. Today, we will swim or go stand up paddle boarding, before  we set sail in the early afternoon, back to Lavrio port, where we will arrive by 3.30pm.  A single timed transfer is scheduled to the Athens International Airport. 

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Cyclades islans Sailing adventure (8days)

Welcome aboard! Embark our boat and set sails to your first destination, Kythnos Island, one of most authentic islands of the Cyclades. Enjoy an evening revitalizing swim at the hot springs and taste the local cuisine in one of the seaside restaurants. Next morning, after breakfast on board, head on a hike to the northernmost tip of the island and visit the Castle of Oria, the island's medieval capital, overlooking the Aegean Sea. In the afternoon, sail to Syros island, the Duchess of the Aegean. Entering the port, you cannot help but admire the beautiful, aristocratic town of Ermoupoli, the capital of the Cyclades islands.Next day sail to the worldwide renowned island of Mykonos, Greece's most cosmopolitan island. Set out on an exploration to discover a fascinating destination where glamour meets the Cycladic simplicity! Optional activities today include a guided tour of Delos island, a UNESCO protected site and one of the most significant archaeological sites in Greece, a guided walking tour of Mykonos town or a cooking class at a traditional Myconian house! On day 4, your swimming stop will be right opposite Delos, at the uninhabited island of Rinia, a secluded paradise with tyrquoise crystal clear waters. Then set sails for Paros island and in particular the quaint fishing town of Naousa. Walk through its narrow alleys, visit the old port and the Venetian fortress or enjoy an optional activity, such as horse riding, wine tasting, hiking or  sea kayak! In the morning of day 5, set sails to the unspoiled, charming island of Serifos, having stop for a swim en route. Once you reach the port, walk uphill all the way to Chora, the main town of the island. It is a steep, yet short walk up and the views, especially from the Venetian fortress will captivate your senses! Stroll through the narrow streets and get lost in Chora! Next morning sail back to Kythnos island, but at the main port, Merichas, this time. Upon arrival, you can take a hiking tour through the island’s ancient history! Visit Vryokastro, the island’s ancient capital and then the probably most stunning beach of the island, Kolona! Day 7: set on a sailing trip back to Athens, having a stop on the way for swimming, probably near Cape Sounio, gazing at the spectacular Temple of Poseidon. Next morning, by 9:30am – 10:00am, is the check out, after a fantastic week-long sailing holiday!