Basilica of Aghia Sophia

Rethymno Province

Coins unearthed in Panormo indicate that a village flourished here between the 1st and 9th centuries AD, but the only in situ evidence from this period are the crumbling bits and pieces of this 6th-century church. It’s built on the slopes above the village but gated off. Look for signs directing you to the site.

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Nearby Rethymno Province attractions

1. Castel Milopotamo

0.39 MILES

For wonderful views overlooking Panormo's port, head up the hill to a tiny segment of stone wall that remains from a 13th-century fortress. It's believed…

2. Church of Agios Yiorgos


Ecclesiastic-art fans should stop in town at Panormo’s parish church, which has some stunning modern frescoes.

3. Panormo Beach

0.41 MILES

There's no one main beach in Panormo but a series of small, attractive coves with brown sand and a brilliant turquoise sea. The tiny swoop of sand at the…

4. Klados Winery

1.19 MILES

While Iraklio gets all the plaudits as Crete's main wine producer, Rethymno has the honour of being the first place in Greece to be named a 'European City…

5. Paraschakis Olive Oil Factory

3.51 MILES

If you're out this way for Melidoni Cave, tack on a visit to this nearby olive-oil factory for a lowdown on the production process. Its welcoming American…

6. Melidoni Cave

3.55 MILES

About 2km outside the village of Melidoni is this stunning cathedral-like cave, an evocative underworld of stalactites and stalagmites. A place of worship…

7. Varkotopo

5.44 MILES

Bali's most central beach – between Livadi and Limani – is this pretty strip of sand flanked by young palm trees. There are some quite classy bars here…

8. Limani

5.46 MILES

The old port of Limani has a narrow crescent of attractive beach with greyish-brown sand lined with sunloungers, plenty of cafes and water-sport operators.