Fortress of Drakanos


This 4th-century-BC fortress sponsored religious rites dedicated to Eilythia, a fertility deity. A 13m-high lookout tower anchors the site, which features informative signboards. A path from a small chapel here leads to tiny Agios Georgios Beach.

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1. Kampi

10.2 MILES

A short trek from the main village, this charming little bay with turquoise water has a tiny fishing port and a nice pebbly beach. A beach bar and a…

2. Archaeological Museum

11.8 MILES

Kambos’ small museum displays Neolithic tools, geometric vases, classical sculpture fragments, figurines and ivory trinkets. If it’s closed, ask Vasilis…

3. Agia Irini Church

11.81 MILES

Built on the site of a 4th-century basilica, this 12th-century church contains some columns from the original. Alas, many of Agia Irini’s frescoes remain…

4. Seychelles Beach

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This small, stunning beach is 3km east of Manganitis. Its marble pebbles, emerald water and giant rocks polished by the waves make you feel you've been…

5. Livadi Beach

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Right next to Armenistis, a little mountain river brings some fine sand to form this picture-perfect beach. Beware the strong currents and – occasionally …

6. Afianes Winery

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7. Nas Beach

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Westward 3.5km from Armenistis lies the pebbled beach of Nas, lying below the road and the few tavernas. A nudist-friendly beach, it has an impressive…

8. Art in the Port

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Previously devoid of any special charms, the island's second capital has reinvented itself by inviting a group of internationally acclaimed street artists…