Historical Archives Museum of Hydra

Hydra Town

This fine harbourfront museum houses an extensive collection of portraits and naval artefacts, with an emphasis on the island’s role in the War of Independence. It hosts temporary exhibitions in summer, and concerts on the rooftop terrace.

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1. Kimisis Tis Theotokou Cathedral

0.17 MILES

Within the peaceful monastery complex on the harbour, this lovely cathedral dates from the 17th century and has a Tinian-marble bell tower. Its…

2. Ecclesiastical Museum

0.17 MILES

Housed in the peaceful monastery complex on the harbour, the Ecclesiastical Museum contains a collection of icons.

3. Deste Foundation

0.22 MILES

Deste Foundation hosts an annual Hydra exhibit at the small former slaughterhouse on the sea.

6. Citronne

10.29 MILES

This bright and cheerful local gallery shows artists from around Greece.

7. Moni Zoödohou Pigis

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The 18th-century 'Monastery of the Life-giving Spring', well signposted 4km east of Poros Town, has a beautiful gilded iconostasis (a screen bearing icons…

8. Temple of Poseidon

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There's very little left of this 6th-century temple. Once it was a magnificent building giving sanctuary to fugitives and wrecked sailors, but in the 18th…