Museum of Contemporary Art


Split across two buildings, MOCA has earned a reputation in the international art world for its outstanding summer exhibitions of world-famous artists, including the likes of Picasso, Matisse, Toulouse-Lautrec and Miró. The sculpture gallery features prominent Greek artists, and a summertime sea-view cafe offers homemade sweets.

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1. Andros Archaeological Museum

0.03 MILES

The unquestioned highlight of this excellent little museum is an exquisite 2nd-century BC marble copy of the bronze Hermes of Andros by Praxiteles, the…

2. Afanis Naftis

0.24 MILES

The large bronze 1950s statue of a sailor stands in the square at the tip of the promontory, celebrating Andros’ seagoing traditions.

3. Venetian Fortress

0.29 MILES

The picturesque ruins of this fortress, built by Venice's doge (duke) Enrico Dandolo in the early 13th century, stand on an island linked to the tip of…

4. Archaeological Museum of Palaiopolis

5.86 MILES

In Paleopoli, 7km south of Batsi on the coast road, this modest roadside museum displays objects from Andros' ancient capital, which existed on this site…

5. Museum House of Yannoulis Chalepas

14.79 MILES

This absorbing museum lets you see the troubled sculptor’s rooms and workshop as they once were. The ticket includes admission to the neighbouring Museum…

6. Museum of Marble Crafts

14.79 MILES

On the slopes above Pyrgos, this outstanding, modern, well-curated complex creatively explains the quarrying and sculpting techniques that have been used…

8. Sanctuary of Poseidon & Amphitrite

23.24 MILES

From the 4th century BC to the 3rd century AD, the area adjacent to the beach at Kionia (3km northwest of central Hora) was a major religious sanctuary…