Moni Panagias Proussiotissas

Central Greece

An attractive road through a high mountain valley leads for 34km south of Karpenisi to the village of Prousos. To reach the 12th-century Moni Panagias Proussiotissas, home to a supposedly miracle-working icon of the Virgin Mary, look for a taverna marked by a large wooden sign roughly 1km north. From alongside, a narrow gravel path drops 100m to the monastery parking area.

Pilgrims flock here for the Feast of the Assumption on 23 August. After drinking holy water from a spring, they step into the monastery’s cave-like church.

Each Monday and Friday at 7am, buses from Karpenisi to Agrinio can drop you in Prousos (€9). Otherwise a taxi from Karpenisi will cost around €40.

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