Rethymno Province

This charming village, 9km southeast of Melidoni, served as a bishopric under Venetian rule and is a maze of lanes lined with well-preserved stone mansions. Stop to admire the faded frescoes gracing the crumbling ruins of the 15th-century Church of Episkopi. Also look for the Venetian water fountain next to the bridge at the end of the town.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Rethymno Province attractions

1. Melidoni Cave

3.25 MILES

About 2km outside the village of Melidoni is this stunning cathedral-like cave, an evocative underworld of stalactites and stalagmites. A place of worship…

2. Paraschakis Olive Oil Factory

3.26 MILES

If you're out this way for Melidoni Cave, tack on a visit to this nearby olive-oil factory for a lowdown on the production process. Its welcoming American…

3. Livadi

4.57 MILES

Brown-sand Livadi is Bali's biggest and widest beach, with bit of a party vibe. It’s packed with chairs and umbrellas, and bars, tavernas and cafes run…

4. Museum of Wooden Sculptures

4.71 MILES

Fronted by a massive sculpture of Hercules killing the lion, this private museum in the village of Axos is essentially a showcase of the work of self…

5. Varkotopo

4.76 MILES

Bali's most central beach – between Livadi and Limani – is this pretty strip of sand flanked by young palm trees. There are some quite classy bars here…

6. Limani

5.01 MILES

The old port of Limani has a narrow crescent of attractive beach with greyish-brown sand lined with sunloungers, plenty of cafes and water-sport operators.

7. Sfendoni Cave

5.03 MILES

Here guided tours take you 270m below ground and through seven chambers with such fanciful names as Sanctuary of the Fairy and Zeus’ Palace. All teem with…

8. Karavostasi

5.23 MILES

Karavostasi, the northernmost of Bali's string of beaches, is also the smallest and quietest. Its tanned-sandy beach is family friendly, with sunloungers…