Lustral Basin


In the northwestern corner, this reconstructed columned structure shelters a below-ground basin that archaeologist Sir Arthur Evans believed was where visitors performed a ritual water cleansing before entering the palace via the adjacent north gate.

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1. Theatral Area

0.01 MILES

In the northwestern corner of the Knossos archaeological site, this series of shallow steps may have served as a theatre where spectators watched…

2. Charging Bull Fresco

0.02 MILES

This famous fresco adorns Sir Arthur Evans’ restored elevated, colonnaded west bastion of the north entrance of the palace.

3. Fresco Gallery

0.02 MILES

Replicas of the ancient site's most famous artworks are displayed here.

4. Throne Room

0.02 MILES

Behind an antechamber, this beautifully proportioned room is separated by a pillar from a sunken basin that may have been used for purification rituals…

5. Piano Nobile

0.03 MILES

From the Piano Nobile you can get a view of the clay storage vessels in the west magazines.

6. Palace of Knossos

0.03 MILES

Crete’s most famous historical attraction is the Palace of Knossos, the grand capital of Minoan Crete, located 5km south of the city of Iraklio. The…

7. West Magazines

0.03 MILES

Storerooms, and site of the giant pithoi (clay jars) that once held oil, wine and other staples.

8. Central Court

0.04 MILES

At the heart of the palace, the Central Court was hemmed in by high walls during Minoan times. Rooms facing the western side of the courtyard had official…