May 2019: The historic centre of the medieval city in Nuremberg.


Nuremberg & Franconia

Somewhere between Ingolstadt and Nuremberg, Bavaria’s accent mellows, the oompah bands play that little bit quieter and wine competes with beer as the local tipple. This is Franconia (Franken) and, as every local will tell you, Franconians, who inhabit the wooded hills and the banks of the Main River in Bavaria’s northern reaches, are a breed apart from their brash and extroverted cousins to the south.


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Traditional dish of dumplings -- both potato and bread versions -- at Ehrbar Weinstube, Frickenhausen. The dish is served in a small, iron fying pan and decorated with edible flowers and thyme


Bavaria & Eastern Germany: why a food and wine tour is not the wurst idea

Jan 25, 2019 • 8 min read


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