Varusschlacht Museum & Park Kalkriese

Cologne & Northern Rhineland

You don't need to be a history buff (or even a fan of Russell Crowe in Gladiator) to come to this museum and park, although by the time you leave you'll have a fine idea about how rebellious Germanic tribes won a major victory over their Roman occupiers somewhere in the Osnabrück region in AD 9 – defeating three of military commander Publius Quinctilius Varus’ legions. The site is about 22km north of Osnabrück.

Only in 1987 was this likely candidate for the site of the so-called Battle of Teutoburg Forest uncovered. In 2000, the battlefield was opened as an archaeological park to display the Germans’ dirt ramparts and explain how they beat the Romans. Since then, facilities have expanded steadily and you'll find exhibits on the artefacts dug up so far, as well as high-tech displays and re-enactments. Enjoy a grand view of the landscape from the top of the tower at the end of the exhibit. Rent an audioguide for a more in-depth experience.

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