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Bremen, the smallest of the German states, packs a punch for its size. Bremen City has a wealth of fine architecture and cobblestone streets; engaging, educational museums; a vibrant waterfront and a happening, modern, multicultural vibe that keeps things interesting. At the mouth of the Weser, its port city Bremerhaven upholds a rich seafaring tradition and is home to two of Germany's most original and entertaining museums.

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Marketplace and Dom Tour

Discover the old town of Bremen and see the highlights of the city around the marketplace. Follow the footsteps of the Bremen Town Musicians and admire the Bremen Cathedral. Visit the sculpture of the Town Musicians by Gerhard Marcks and learn all about the fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm. See the imposing Rathaus and the Haus der Bürgerschaft, where the local government works daily. Admire the Bremen Cathedral, a romantic church built of sandstone and brick in the 11th century. In the late 19th century, it was renovated in its original style with 2 towers in the west and a neoromantic crossing tower. The cathedral has been under a historic preservation order since 1973.

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German Emigration Center Admission Ticket

The Deutsches Auswandererhaus is the largest theme museum for emigration and immigration in Europe. What is essentially important for the collection is the story or the experience related to the object as the combination of both evokes the emotional aspect and makes history come alive. The German Emigration Center is not a museum in the standard sense of the word. It is an adventure that gets under your skin every step of the way – a place for reflection, research, remembrance, learning, experience and amazement. The German Emigration Center collects, preserves, researches and displays arts in objects, documents and images from German migration history from the 18th century to today and places them in their respective historical, sociological and ethnological contexts. The collection focuses on material and non-material cultural products: biographical volumes of migrant families as well as their life histories, objects on the subject of travel and geography as well as statistics, facts, debates, anecdotes etc. on the subject.

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Universum Bremen Admission Ticket

Visit: Universum BremenIt´s even worth a visit if you just see the outside of the building. It´s like a giant whale covered in 40.000 stainless steel plates, sparkling in the sun. On the inside the visitors are on an exciting journey throughout the world of science. The Universum covers three subject areas technology, man and nature, an outside area with the themes water and wind, and the kids area with a milky way theme as well as a café and a restaurant. Connected through a passage way, you can continue into the Science Centre and the discovery park – here there are special exhibits on a regular basis. And then there´s also the window to the sky in the tower of air 27 meters above the ground where you have a great view of Bremen and can also discover more exhibits there. Find out about your own mind and body in the Humans section. Use all of your senses to learn about perception, communication and cognition, with a range of exciting hands-on activities. Make your way to the gallery focused on nature and learn about the shapes and colors in the environment.

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