Tmogvi Castle


Eleven kilometres past Khertvisi Fortress towards Vardzia, atop a high rocky hill across the river (which flows far below in a gorge), the remains of the once near-impregnable Tmogvi Castle date back at least a millennium. You can walk to it in an hour or so (4km) up the west side of the valley from Vardzia – and continue north to Khertvisi, on off-road trails most of the way, if you want.

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Nearby Vardzia attractions

1. Vanis Kvabebi

1.06 MILES

About 4km south of Tmogvi village and 2km before Vardzia, a track heads 600m up from the road to this cave monastery that predated Vardzia by four…

2. Vardzia

1.96 MILES

The remarkable cave city of Vardzia is both a cultural symbol and a spectacular natural phenomenon with a special place in Georgian hearts. King Giorgi…

3. Khertvisi Fortress

5.99 MILES

This impressive 10th- to 14th-century fortress perches on a rocky crag above the meeting of the Paravani and Mtkvari Rivers, 45km southeast of Akhaltsikhe…

4. Şeytan Kalesi

19.3 MILES

Possibly of Urartian origin, this 'Devil's Castle' was for centuries a Georgian stronghold known as Qajis Tsikhe. It remains one of northeast Turkey's…

5. Sapara Monastery

20.53 MILES

Sapara has a dramatic position clinging to a cliff edge about 12km southeast of Akhaltsikhe, and rivals Vardzia as one of the most important sights in the…

6. Dogruyol Köyü Camii

23.1 MILES

Well worth a three-minute detour as you drive by on the lakeside road, the smaller of Dogruyol's two side-by-side mosques is a curious hybrid with a…

7. Rabati Castle

24.45 MILES

Rabati Castle has been comprehensively renovated from the perilous, semi-ruined state it was left in a decade ago, and while it was a much-needed…

8. Samtskhe-Javakheti History Museum

24.48 MILES

The Samtskhe-Javakheti History Museum has well-displayed exhibits ranging from archaeological finds from the 4th-millennium-BC Kura-Araxes culture to…