Archaeological Site in 'Ua Huka

High up in the valley of Hane, the site of Meiaute includes three 1m-high, red-tuff tiki that watch over a group of stone structures, pae pae and me’ae, which are partly overgrown. Two of these tiki have projecting ears, one has legs and a phallus, while the other two have only a head and trunk.

The clearing forms a natural lookout with magnificent views of Hane Bay on one side and the caldera on the other. It’s a 25-minute walk from the village of Hane. You don’t really need a guide to get there; follow the main road inland, until you reach a concrete stairway on your right, 30m after a sharp bend. Climb the steep hill to the pae pae. A little higher up, in a clearing, you will find the tiki. If you’re not sure, villagers will point you in the right direction.