Plage de la Milady


A flat arc of sand backed by golf courses and a kids' playground, Plage de la Milady is about 2.5km south of Port Vieux. Look out for the grand edifice of the Chateau d'Ilbarritz on the hilltop above the beach – once one of the town's smartest addresses. Bus 10 or 13 heading south will get you here.

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Nearby Biarritz attractions

1. Cité de l'Océan

0.25 MILES

Biarritz' splashiest sea-themed attraction is part museum, part theme park and part educational centre. It takes a fun approach to learning about the sea…

2. Plage de Marbella

0.31 MILES

Plage de Marbella is about 2km south of Port Vieux. Bus 10 or 13 heading south will get you here.

3. Plage de la Côte des Basques


A long, exposed beach popular with surfers and walkers, said to be one of the first where boardriders hit the waves around Biarritz.

4. Plage du Port Vieux

1.27 MILES

A good option for families due to its sheltered aspect, this tiny wedge of sand is just under the Musée de la Mer.

5. Musée de la Mer

1.33 MILES

Housed in a wonderful art deco building near the old port, Biarritz' Musée de la Mer is seething with underwater life from the Bay of Biscay and beyond,…

6. Église Ste-Eugénie

1.34 MILES

The neo-Gothic Église Ste-Eugénie was built in 1864 for – who else? – Empress Eugénie, and sits on a prominent spot in the old port.

7. Rocher de la Vierge

1.35 MILES

If the swell's big, you might get a drenching as you cross the toy-town-like footbridge (closed in high wind) at the end of Pointe Atalaye to Rocher de la…

8. Musée d'Art Asiatica

1.36 MILES

Out on the edge of town is this unexpected treasure trove of ancient Indian, Chinese and Tibetan statues, monuments and temple artwork. The layout is a…