Place St-Nicolas


The 19th-century place St-Nicolas, an enormous paved square that sprawls from the ferry port towards the old harbour, is the focus of the everyday life of Bastia. Lined with plane trees, it’s named after the patron saint of sailors. There’s a string of attractive terrace cafes along its largely pedestrianised western edge, plus a statue of Napoléon Bonaparte, in the guise of a Roman god.

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2. Chapelle St-Roch


The Chapelle St-Roch is known for its 18th-century organ and trompe l’œil roof.

3. Terra Vecchia

0.23 MILES

Criss-crossed by narrow lanes, Terra Vecchia is Bastia’s heart and soul. Shady place de l’Hôtel de Ville hosts a lively morning market on Saturday and…

4. Chapelle de l’Immaculée Conception

0.26 MILES

Notable for its elaborately painted barrel-vaulted ceiling, the baroque Chapelle de l’Immaculée Conception served in 1795 as the seat of the short-lived…

5. Église St-Jean Baptiste


The dramatic twin-towered church of John the Baptist soars majestically above the Vieux Port waterfront. Viewed from the citadel above, it’s the most…

6. Vieux Port

0.35 MILES

Bastia’s Vieux Port is ringed by precariously tall, pastel-coloured tenements and buzzy brasseries, and overlooked by the twin-towered Église St-Jean…

7. Jardin Romieu

0.49 MILES

Climbing the hillside below the mighty walls of the citadel, and threaded through by interlacing paths and stairways, this wooded park makes a scenic…

8. Musée de Bastia

0.51 MILES

Occupying the former palace of Bastia’s Genoese governors, set into the formidable walls of the citadel, this museum retraces the city’s history from its…