Lusto Suomen Metsämuseo

Top choice in The Finnish Lakeland

'Lusto' is the Finnish word for a tree’s annual growth ring, and this well-curated and cleverly presented museum is all about forests and the growth of the local timber industry. Displays (with English labels) cover everything from forest biodiversity, forest healers and forest myths, to the history of forest settlements and forestry technology. The huge hall filled with machinery features a tower of chainsaws and various interactive displays – everyone will enjoy testing their motor skills with a timber loader.

The building itself is an interesting concrete structure clad in larch with a main hall designed to resemble a tree trunk.

The cafe serves a daily lunch buffet from May to September (€10.90 weekdays, €15 weekends). Between October and December and March and April it opens from Tuesday to Friday for coffee and snacks.

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