Sculptures by Veijo Ronkkonen in his sculpture park, Parikkalan Patsaspuisto.

© Anna ART/Shutterstock

Parikkalan Patsaspuisto


What looks like an ordinary roadside rest stop adjoins a woodland area with 256 surreal life-size sculptures of figures in yoga poses. They're the work of sculptor Veijo Rönkkönen (1942–2010), who lived on the site and created 565 of them in his time. The site's current owner uses visitor donations (suggested €5) for its upkeep. Wandering the sculpture-lined trail is extraordinary, but mosquitoes and other biting insects are fierce in the warmer months so bring plenty of repellent.

Before his death, Rönkkönen had planned to cover the site in sand, for the sculptures to be rediscovered far into the future like China's Terracotta Army.

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