The Finnish Lakeland

On an island that was once a naval port, this museum housed in a handsome 16th-century granary recounts local history and the importance of water transport. It also has a number of exhibits about the history, flora and fauna of Lake Saimaa, including a 12-minute video about the underwater world of Torsti, an endangered ringed seal pup living in the lake. Exhibits on the ground floor are more interesting than those upstairs.

Outside, there's a group of historic watercraft to board (open mid-May to mid-September). These include the SS Mikko. Information about the town and region, including the Linnansaari National Park, is available from the ground-floor ticket office/information desk.

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1. Olavinlinna

0.18 MILES

Built directly on rock in the middle of the lake (now accessed via bridges), this heavily restored 15th-century fortification was constructed as a…

2. Kerimäen Iso Kirkko

13.19 MILES

Kerimäki may be small (pop 5000), but its Lutheran church certainly isn't. Built in 1847, the building was designed to accommodate 5000 and is commonly…

3. Lusto Suomen Metsämuseo

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'Lusto' is the Finnish word for a tree’s annual growth ring, and this well-curated and cleverly presented museum is all about forests and the growth of…

4. Punkaharju

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During the ice age, formations similar to this 7km-long sand ridge were created all over Finland. Because it crosses a large lake, it’s always been an…

5. Linnansaari National Park

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This scenic national park consists of Haukivesi Lake and hundreds of uninhabited islands; the most activity takes place on the largest island, Linnansaari…

6. Kolovesi National Park

22.48 MILES

Northeast of Linnansaari National Park, Kolovesi is less-trafficked in summer. Park information is available at the nature information hut in Enonkoski.