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Natadola Beach

Gorgeous Natadola Beach is one of Viti Levu’s best. Its vast bank of white sand slides into a cobalt sea, which provides good swimming regardless of the tide. Natadola’s strong currents often defy the brochures though: instead of glassy, still conditions, you may find sufficient chop for good body surfing – just watch the undertows. And there’s serious surfing here, too. Natadola Inside break – which is inside the bay (surprise) – is good for beginners, and Natadola Outside – at the entrance of the channel – is for experienced surfers.

Local villagers tie up their horses under the trees near the car park and pounce on tourists as soon as they arrive. They are fairly persistent and you’ll shock them if you don’t want a horse ride – a gentle 45-minutes or so along the beach costs about $30. Graduating from the same school of high-pressure sales tactics are the coconut and seashell sellers. They’re great if you want coconuts or shells but tiring if you don’t.

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