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$215 Day Trips & Excursions

Day-Trip Church of Adadi Mariam from Addis Ababa

Start driving the total of 192 km, with a private Toyota Minivan equipped with air conditioning and seat belts, south of Addis Ababa through the scenic Rift Valley. The first stop along the way is at an outlook to enjoy and take a photo of the Rift Valley, and then cross the bridge over the Awash River (an inbound river which doesn’t reach the sea) by walking.  After driving 62 km, of which 12 is on a gravel road, visit the ancient rock-carved church of Adadi Mariam which was founded in the 13th Century by King Lalibela. If the day is Thursday or Sunday, visit the colorful cultural weekly held market of the Oromo people at Adadi town. On the way back to the main road, stop at a local family house to take part in a typical Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony and to learn how to cook Enjera. Then, head to the Steles of Tiya to visit about 40 stone grave markers which are decorated with carvings and erected in the 14th Century AD in honor of a local hero. It is one of the sites of Ethiopia included the list of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. En route back to Addis Ababa, visit the prehistoric archaeological site of Melka Kunture to visit ancient fossils of animals and humans and some of the oldest stone tools humankind ever used. This is a private tour for up to 6 visitors in a group for the same price including the private comfortable Toyota Minivan with fuel (gasoline) and driver’s allowance, family visit and coffee ceremony attendance, professional experience English speaking tour guide and all related government taxes.

$200 Cultural & Theme Tours

Lalibela Rock Churches Guided Tour

Your tour to Lalibela churches can start straight away after your arrival and check in to your hotel. The 11 rock cut churches in Lalibela own needs an at least one full day to visit them all. Your guide will wait you at the airport arrival with a car. Drive 22 k/m to the town of Lalibela. After check-in drive to the first group of churches, which are 6. After your visit, we bring you for lunch to one of the best restaurant we have in town. You will have 2hrs to rest till the churches are reopened at 2pm. 2pm, drive to the 1nd group of churches, which are 4, and at the end the famous church of St' George (Bete Georgies). After you are done with visit the churches, we take you to the town where you get invited for the famous Traditional coffee and see the way life of the locals, maybe take part in their daily activities, like baking Injera, making coffee or even cooking. In the evening, if still not tiered we go to the best traditional bar, where you test our traditional Honey Wine, Music and dance. On the next day, we bring you to the airport, or if you still have in Lalibela, we can organize a best trekking tour to the surrounding mountains, like: to Bilbala St. George rock hewn church, Monastery of Na’akuto La’ab and Asheton Maryam Monastery

$2370 Multi-day & Extended Tours

11-Day Historic Tour through Northern Ethiopia from Addis Ababa

Start with an early morning drive to Bahir Dar, that will enable you visit the Blue-Nile Gorge and Debre Libanos monastery. On Day 2, on lake Tana, you will visit the monasteries of Ura Kidane Mihiret, Kebran Gabriel and Daga Istifanos. In the afternoon, take an excursion to the Blue Nile Falls, also known locally as Tissisat waterfall, which are 328 feet (100 m) wide. Late in the afternoon, drive back to Bahir Dar and finish the day with a lovely sunset over Lake Tana. A morning drive on day 3 to Gondar, the Camelot of Africa. In the afternoon, visit Fasilidas' Palace, probably the most impressive of all the castles found in the area, and the oldest. Continue going to the Church of Debre Berham Selassie (Light of the Trinity). Arrive in Debark where you will visit Simien Mountains National Park. You can be dropped off for a 2-hour trek before returning to the lodge. Enjoy the panoramic views; you are likely to spot large groups of gelada monkeys. The road from Debark to Axum is spectacular. The Italian build 'Lima Limo Road' leads through dramatic scenery. On day 6, can a full day in Axum that will enable you to visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site Listed City. Visit the Tombs of King Kaleb and his son King Gabra Masqal, the Ezana’s stone inscriptions, Queen of Sheba’s palace and swimming pool, and the Church of Zion, the final resting place of what is believed to be the true arc of Covenant. After breakfast on day 7, drive to visit the ruins of Yeha, dating from the 8th to 5th centuries BC, and thought to be the capital of Ethiopian civilization before Axum. On the way, you will stop at Yeha Temple, Negash Mosque and Wukro Cherkos Church. Drive from Mekele to Lalibela, passing through the dramatic landscapes of the Ethiopian Highlands. On day 9, discover Lalibela, home of the largest monolithic church in the world. Before lunch, you will start visiting churches the first and the second group out of the three groups. Afternoon, proceed, visiting the third group. Early in the morning on day 10, drive to Dessie. On the way, you will be visiting Lake Hyke and its island monastery. Return driving to Addis via Debre Birhan. You will be arriving in Addis late afternoon on day 11. The tour ends at about 07:30pm.

$3240 Multi-day & Extended Tours


Day 1:  Addis Ababa We will meet you at the airport and take you to your hotel for check-in. The first day we spent in the fascinating capital of the country: Addis Ababa. Depending on your time of arrival we take you on a half day or full day city tour  Day 2: Addis Ababa – BaharDar-Bahar An early morning flight will take us to BahirDar. After check-in in our hotel we embark for a boat trip on Lake Tana to explore some of the beautiful Churches. It is about an hour by boat to reach Zeghe Peninsula to the other churches and might meet monkeys and beautiful birds on the way. At the other side of the Peninsula the boat is waiting and take us to Kibran Gabriel Island (unfornately women are not allowed.) Before headind back to BahirDar the boat takes us to the source of the Blue Nile where we find many birds and maybe a hippo. When time is available we can visit the Blue Nile Falls, situated at about an hour drive from BahirDar. Otherwise we visit Bezawit Hill to enjoy the panoramic view and sunset from there. Day 3:  BaharDar-Bahar – Gondar This morning we proceed to Gondar. We will spend the afternoon to visit the highlights of Gondar: the Royal Enclosure, Fasilidas Bath an d Debre Birhan Selassie, the Church with the angel faces painted on the ceiling.  Day 4: Gondar – Axum  Axum is the place where facts and legends  meet. Is the Ark of the Covenant found in Axum? We take you in the footsteps of the famous queen of Sheba and Ezana, the Emperor  who converted to Christianity. You will see the spectacular stelae of Axum and visit the Maryam of Tsion Churches (unfortunately women are not allowed) Day 5:  Axum – Lalibella   A short flight in the morning takes us to the highlight of your visit to Ethiopia: Lalibela. The 12th century rock-hewn Churches are the legacy of king lalibela. It is said his visit to Jerusalem inspired him to build the 11 Churches. A full day is necessary to get a good impression of these truly amaizing places of worship. After lunch we start with our exploration of Lalibela. Day 6:  Lalibella At our second day in Lalibela we need about half a day to visit the remaining Churches in the village. There are quite a few options to spend the rest of your time. For example a visit to the Yemrehane Kristos church or a hike to the Asheton Maryam church. Day 7:  Lalibella – Addis Ababa – Depart Transfer to the Airport for your flight to Addis Ababa . visit a cultural restaurant, enjoying the great Ethiopian food with traditional music and dance from all over this fascinating country. After dinner you will be transferred to the Airport for your international flight home.

$96.47 Outdoor Activities

Lasta Mountains: Highland Eco Trekking Tour in Lalibela

Starting early in the morning the hike with an English- speaking, local guide goes right up, deep into the beautiful Lasta mountains above Lalibela, providing vast, fantastic views over the land. The different hikes can be combined with visiting the still working mountain monastery Asheten Maryam or the beautiful cave church Yemrehane Kristos as well as the still not often discovered, deep in the woods church Emekina Medhane Alem. Clear highlight of all tours is the personal interaction with the Ethiopian Highlander farmers, being able to take part in their daily activities and lending a hand with all, even the possibility to teach in the mountain school. Of course always included is the famous and very special Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Food and bottled water is taken care of, for longer treks there will be a donkey for transporting things, as well as an own cook coming. Up on the plateau called Abune Yoseph hordes of Gelada Baboons are running freely, it is also one of the best places in Ethiopia for spotting many different birds from eagles to bearded vultures and many more and, not to be forgotten: the Ethiopian Wolf lives up here too. So, altogether it is a great combinations of exploring the beauty of the Ethiopian landscape like on top of the world with learning about the real Ethiopian culture from the people itself and seeing absolutely rare animals. The great thing about these tours is also the starting point right in Lalibela.

$214.12 Cultural & Theme Tours

Lalibela 2-Day Eco Trekking Tour

DAY ONE  In the morning, latest around 7 you will meet your guide either at your hotel or the Highland Eco Trekking office. It is actually only a very short walk out of town, 2 minutes after leaving the office you are already above Lalibela. in around 3400 meters height you will reach the still working mountain monastery called ASHETEN MARYAM. After this break your way brings you up even deeper into the highlands. You now soon arrive at AD MEDHANE ALEM (ATABKIT), a big plateau overlooking Lalibela. Here your will have your lunch and a well-deserved long break- you are now at around 3600meters!     You will continue to walk towards the AD MEDHANE ALEM VILLAGE, NEAR ASTABIR, your 'home' for tonight.  DAY TWO  After breakfast you will gather your things and the walk towards Lalibela starts- here and there you will have a stop to enjoy the views or the animals.  Town will be reached around 4-ish in the afternoon.    If you would like to explore the highlands on a mule or horse back- no problem! Please ask us for availability and prices.