Ta’akha Maryam

Ruins in Aksum

This is one site where the past very much outweighs the present, at least for now. Early excavations revealed that Ta’akha Maryam was a magnificent palace, probably dating from the 6th century AD or earlier. Covering a vast 120m-by-80m area, Ta’akha Maryam is bigger than Dungur and would have been far larger than medieval European palaces of the time. The Archaeological Museum has a model of how it may have looked. Sadly it's closed to the public pending excavations.

Today there’s little more than piles of rubble and a couple of dressed stone blocks strewn on either side of the road that the Italians cut straight through.

Just to the north is Enda Semon, another palace ruin with even less to see. Excavation is also due to begin here.