Abba Liqanos


On the way to Abba Pentalewon you’ll pass Abba Liqanos (men only), which was supposedly built by one of the Nine Saints and boasts excellent views. But there’s no treasure to see; the modern church (a replacement for the one destroyed by the Derg when the area was occupied by rebels) is uninteresting and there’s little return for the price.

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Nearby Aksum attractions

1. Tombs of Kings Kaleb & Gebre Meskel

0.26 MILES

Set on a small hill 1.8km northeast of the Northern Stelae Field and offering views of the jagged mountains of Adwa are these two tombs that local…

2. Abba Pentalewon

0.34 MILES

High above Aksum, on top of a tall, narrow peak, is Abba Pentalewon monastery. Tradition states it was built by Abba Pentalewon, one of the Nine Saints…

3. King Ezana's Inscription

0.73 MILES

On the way up to the tombs of Kings Kaleb and Gebre Meskel, you’ll pass a small shack containing a remarkable find that three farmers stumbled upon in…

4. Queen of Sheba’s Bath

0.89 MILES

Despite the colourful legends, this large reservoir probably wasn’t where Sheba came to bathe. It was an important reservoir rather than a swimming pool…

5. Northern Stelae Field

1.07 MILES

Despite the dizzying grandeur of the numerous rock needles reaching for the stars, it’s what’s under your feet here that’s most important. Amazingly,…

6. Archaeological Museum

1.09 MILES

This well-laid-out museum inside the Northern Stelae Field contains an interesting variety of objects found in the tombs, ranging from ordinary household…

7. King Bazen's Tomb

1.14 MILES

Despite being the crudest of tombs, roughly hewn into solid rock instead of constructed with fine masonry, this place has a slightly magical feel…

8. New Church of St Mary of Zion

1.15 MILES

The huge new church of St Mary of Zion was built in the 1960s so women had a place to worship and it displays Haile Selassie’s usual hideous taste. Still…