Green Island


Green Island is 10 to 20 minutes from Massawa and is the most accessible place for decent snorkelling and tolerable beaches. It's certainly no Bora Bora, but it can make an excellent retreat if you need some hush and a place to rest your sightseeing-abused feet. Grand Hotel Dahlak organises day trips to the island (around nfa770 for up to eight people, nfa1100 with guide) or ask around for local guide Tesfieh who can provide transportation and snorkelling equipment (from nfa1000 per group).

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Nearby Eritrea attractions

1. Campo

0.94 MILES

A huge square lined on all sides by houses with trellised balconies, finely carved wooden doors, and shutters of Turkish or Egyptian origin. Local…

2. Sheikh Hanafi Mosque

0.99 MILES

At the centre of the Piazza degli Incendi (meaning 'Square of the Fire', after it was the scene of a great fire in 1885) is the Sheikh Hanafi Mosque. At…

3. House of Abu Hamdum

1.04 MILES

A remarkable example of Turkish Ottoman architecture with its mashrabiyya (trellised) balcony, which allowed cool breezes to enter and the air inside to…

4. Covered Bazaar

1.06 MILES

Though now reflecting little of its former glory, the ancient roof of this market – in the Turkish style – was beamed like an upturned boat; there are…

5. St Mariam Cathedral

1.08 MILES

Opposite the end of the causeway from the mainland is the Orthodox St Mariam Cathedral. While the building is lovely and the artwork speaks to the…

6. Turkish House


In a square beside the Banco d'Italia is a rare example of a Turkish house with a domed roof, now partially restored and serving food and drinks out of a…

7. Shaafi Mosque

1.11 MILES

Founded in the 11th century but rebuilt several times since, the decorated coral-block facade of this mosque just south of the Banco d'Italia ruins is…

8. House of Mammub Mohammed Nahari

1.12 MILES

The ancient House of Mammub Mohammed Nahari was built with magnificent soaring Ottoman-style windows on every side. Unfortunately they are particularly…