Peasholm Park

Set back from North Bay, Scarborough's beautiful Edwardian pleasure gardens, complete with hilltop pagoda, are famous for their summer sessions of Naval Warfare, when large model ships reenact famous naval battles on the boating lake (check the website for dates).

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1. St Mary's Church

0.63 MILES

This church dates from the 12th to the 15th centuries (boards inside explain its history), but it is most notable for the little cemetery across the lane…

2. Scarborough Castle

0.75 MILES

The massive medieval keep of Scarborough Castle occupies a commanding position atop its headland. Legend has it that Richard I loved the views from here…

3. Sea Life Sanctuary

0.79 MILES

At this family-oriented attraction you can see coral reefs, turtles, octopuses, seahorses, otters and many other fascinating creatures. The biggest draws…

4. Rotunda Museum

0.81 MILES

The Rotunda Museum is dedicated to the coastal geology of northeast Yorkshire, which has yielded many of Britain's most important dinosaur fossils. The…

5. Old Coastguard Station

10.94 MILES

National Trust visitor centre housing an exhibition about local geology and natural history, with pamphlets on local walks.

6. Bay Museum


This volunteer-run museum dishes the dirt on Robin Hood Bay's smuggling history, charting the era when it was a thriving port for contraband such as…

7. Pickering Castle

15.15 MILES

Pickering Castle is a lot like the castles we drew as kids: thick stone outer walls circle the keep, and the whole lot is perched atop a high motte (mound…

8. North Yorkshire Moors Railway

15.31 MILES

This privately owned railway runs for 18 miles through beautiful countryside from Pickering to Whitby. Lovingly restored steam locos pull period carriages…