Built in classic Tudor style in 1540, the wonky Guildhall features some splendidly ornate woodcarving. One of the pillars supporting it was used for public floggings in medieval times.

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Nearby Shropshire attractions

1. Holy Trinity Church

0.03 MILES

The ancient, eroded Holy Trinity Church was built in 1150 over Saxon foundations. Note the Norman arch as you enter with the (as yet) undeciphered…

2. Wenlock Priory

0.11 MILES

The maudlin Cluniac ruins of Wenlock Priory rise up from vivid green lawns, sprinkled with animal-shaped topiary. The priory was raised by Norman monks…

3. Broseley Pipeworks

3.33 MILES

This was once the biggest clay tobacco pipe-maker in the country, but the industry nose dived after the introduction of prerolled cigarettes in the 1880s,…

4. Museum of the Gorge

3.58 MILES

An ideal place to kick off your Ironbridge Gorge visit is the Museum of the Gorge. Occupying a Gothic riverside warehouse, it offers an overview of the…

5. Iron Bridge


The arching Iron Bridge, which gives the area its name, was built to flaunt the new technology invented by the pioneering Darby family. At the time of its…

6. Bedlam Furnaces


By the River Severn, you can see the remains of the 1750s-built coke-fired blast furnaces, which remained in use into the 19th century.

7. Enginuity

4.02 MILES

Kids will love this levers-and-pulleys science centre where they can control robots, move a steam locomotive with their bare hands (and a little…

8. Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron

4.03 MILES

Set in the brooding buildings of Abraham Darby's original iron foundry, the Coalbrookdale Museum of Iron contains some excellent interactive exhibits. As…