27 May 2017: Barnard Castle, Teesdale, County Durham - The Bowes Museum.  The museum owns a famous and renowned art collection and is built in a French style.; Shutterstock ID 657436690; your: Claire Naylor; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online ed; full: County Durham

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Bowes Museum

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Bowes Museum

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1. Barnard Castle

0.43 MILES

Built on a cliff above the River Tees by Guy de Bailleul and rebuilt around 1150, Barnard Castle was partly dismantled some four centuries later, but its…

2. Raby Castle

5.72 MILES

Sprawling Raby Castle was a stronghold of the Catholic Neville family until it engaged in ill-judged plotting (the 'Rising of the North') against the…

3. Georgian Theatre Royal

11.93 MILES

Built in 1788, this is the most complete Georgian playhouse in Britain. It closed in 1848 and was used as an auction house into the early 20th century,…

4. Escomb Church

11.97 MILES

The stones of the abandoned Binchester Roman Fort were often reused, and Roman inscriptions can be spotted in the walls of the hauntingly beautiful Escomb…

5. Richmondshire Museum

11.98 MILES

The Richmondshire Museum feels a bit worn, but it's crammed with local history exhibits including Stone Age artefacts and displays about lead mining,…

6. Green Howards Museum

11.99 MILES

Military buffs will enjoy the three floors of this museum, which pays tribute to Richmond's famous Yorkshire infantry regiment, formed in 1688. The medal…

7. Richmond Castle

12.06 MILES

The impressive heap that is Richmond Castle, founded in 1070, has had many uses through the years, including a stint as a prison for conscientious…

8. Binchester Roman Fort

13.37 MILES

The ruins of Binchester Roman Fort, or Vinovia as it was originally called, lie 9.6 miles southwest of Durham. First built in wood around AD 80 and…