Qarat Al Muzawwaqa

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These tombs were rediscovered by the Egyptian archaeologist Ahmed Fakri in 1971 and some have since been restored, including the tomb of Oziri (Petosiris) and Badi Baset (Petubastis), the only ones open to the public. Featuring spectacular colours and zodiac ceilings, they are particularly interesting for their crossover between Graeco-Roman and Pharaonic styles.

More than 200 mummies were found here, but it seems the 19th-century travellers were quite happy to take them away as souvenirs.

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1. Deir Al Haggar

0.39 MILES

This restored sandstone temple is one of the most complete Roman monuments in Dakhla. Dedicated to the Theban triad of Amun, Mut and Khons, as well as…

2. Ethnographic Museum

2.23 MILES

Occupying Sherif Ahmed’s house, which itself dates back to 1785, the museum’s everyday objects try to give life to the empty buildings around them.

3. Bir Al Gabal


Set among breathtaking desert scenery, Bir Al Gabal is a gorgeous place for a soak. During the day in winter and spring any ambience here is overwhelmed…

4. Ethnographic Museum

13.68 MILES

These days Dakhla’s wonderful museum is only opened on request: ask at the tourist office (or call) and Omar Ahmad will arrange a time for your visit with…

5. Old Town of Mut

13.9 MILES

Old Mut's visitors lived in fear of raiding Bedouin, so very few houses have outside windows, to protect against intruders and heat and dust. The…

6. Qila Al Dabba

29.1 MILES

Qila Al Dabba is Balat’s ancient necropolis. The five mastabas (mud-brick structures above tombs that were the basis for later pyramids), the largest of…

7. Tomb of Kitines

29.81 MILES

This sandstone tomb was occupied by Senussi soldiers during WWI and by a village family after that. Nevertheless, some funerary reliefs have survived and…

8. Carpet-Making Cooperative

29.84 MILES

In Bashendi's carpet-making cooperative you can see rugs being woven and browse through the showroom.