Al Sahaba Mosque

Sharm El Sheikh

Designed by Fouad Tawfik, Sharm El Sheikh's new mosque fuses Fatimid, Mamluk and Ottoman style elements into its architecture and interior design. Whether it all really gels or just looks like a weird mish-mash is up to the eye of the beholder but there's no denying that this mosque is Sharm's most spectacular piece of architecture.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Sharm El Sheikh attractions

1. Public Beach

0.31 MILES

Definitely not one of Sharm's prettier swaths of sand. Note that women swimming here in bikinis or other revealing attire are likely to feel uncomfortable.

2. Ras Um Sid

1.87 MILES

One of the best dive sites in the area, Ras Um Sid features a spectacular gorgonian forest along a dramatic drop-off that hosts a great variety of reef…

3. Turtle Bay

1.97 MILES

Mostly used as a drift dive, with coral pinnacles at the southern end and salad corals to the north. Depth: 9m to 24m. Rating: intermediate. Access: shore…

4. Amphoras

2.02 MILES

A good choice for a drift dive, this dive site gets its name from an Ottoman shipwreck found here which was carrying a cargo of amphoras. Not much remains…

5. Tower

2.43 MILES

The wide canyon here houses coral-covered pinnacles where you'll spot plenty of nudibranchs and flitting lionfish. This dive site is also known for chance…

6. Near Garden

4.22 MILES

Near Garden reef is home to a lovely chain of pinnacles. Depth: surface to more than 40m. Rating: intermediate. Access: shore or boat.

7. Gardens

4.56 MILES

At the perennially popular Gardens there are actually three sites in one. Near Garden is home to a lovely chain of pinnacles; Middle Garden features a…

8. Middle Garden

4.64 MILES

Middle Garden reef features a fringing ridge that gently slopes down to a bed of sandy 'trails'. Depth: surface to more than 40m. Rating: intermediate…