Tomb of Ramses IX (KV 6)


Only half decorated at the time of the king's death and open since antiquity, this is not the most interesting tomb in the valley, but it is one the most popular because it has a very gently shelving shaft and is near the entrance to the valley. Its large antechamber is decorated with animals, serpents and demons from the Book of the Dead. There is also a pillared hall and short hallway before the burial chamber.

On either side of the gate on the rear wall are two figures of priests, both dressed in panther-skin robes and sporting a ceremonial sidelock. The walls of the burial chamber feature the Book of Amduat, the Book of Caverns and the Book of the Earth; the Book of the Heavens is represented on the ceiling. Although it is unfinished, it was the last tomb in the valley to have so much of its decoration completed, and the paintings are relatively well preserved.

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