Agiba Beach

Mediterranean Coast

Agiba means ‘miracle’ in Arabic, and Agiba Beach, about 24km west of Marsa Matruh, is just that. It is a small, spectacular cove, accessible only via a path leading down from the clifftop. The water here is a dazzling clear turquoise. It’s packed in summer and near empty the rest of the year. Note that it isn’t ideal for toddlers, as the waves roll in strongly. Microbuses to Agiba leave from in front of the National Bank of Egypt.

About 1km to 2km east of the hilltop above Agiba, there's a long expanse of accessible beach with fine sand and deep blue water, which is far less crowded than the cove. Confusingly, this stretch of shore is also known as Agiba Beach. To get here, take the turn-off marked by a blue, white and yellow sign (in Arabic) 3km west of Carol’s Beau Rivage resort. This paved road leads to the beachfront; the entrance is gated, but there's no fee.

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