Part of the highlands that can be visited from the road are these twin sinkholes (not volcanic craters), surrounded by scalesia forest. Vermilion flycatchers are often seen here, as are short-eared owls on occasion. Los Gemelos are about 2km beyond Santa Rosa on the trans-island road. Although the sinkholes lie only 25m and 125m from either side of the road, they are hidden by vegetation, so ask your driver to stop at the short trailhead.

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1. Cerro Crocker

4.13 MILES

A path north from Bellavista leads toward Cerro Crocker (864m) and other hills and extinct volcanoes. This is a good chance to see the vegetation of the…

2. Rancho Primicias

4.87 MILES

Next to El Chato is this private ranch, where there are dozens of giant tortoises, and you can wander around at will. The entrance is beyond Santa Rosa,…

3. El Chato Tortoise Reserve

4.87 MILES

South of Santa Rosa is El Chato Tortoise Reserve, where you can observe giant tortoises in the wild. When these virtually catatonic, prehistoric-looking…

4. Lava Tunnels

4.95 MILES

These impressive underground tunnels southwest of the village of Santa Rosa are more than 1km in length and were formed when the outside skin of a molten…

5. Tortoise Statue

9.51 MILES

Among the various statues of prominent Galapagos wildlife around Puerto Ayora, this is probably the most photographed of them all.


9.59 MILES

The first of its kind in the world, this museum uses augmented reality to showcase a permanent exhibition of 55 pre-Columbian artifacts. The ancient…

7. Laguna de las Ninfas

9.63 MILES

This peaceful lagoon has a short boardwalk path, where you can stop to take in the mangroves while looking for stingrays, baby sharks, sea turtles and…

8. Charles Darwin Research Station

9.79 MILES

Just northeast of Puerto Ayora is this iconic national-park site, where over 200 scientists and volunteers are involved with research and conservation…