Reserva Ecológico de Manglares Cayapas-Mataje

North Coast & Lowlands

Millions of migratory birds pass through this coastal paradise in June and July, creating a cacophonous and memorable spectacle. The 513 sq km reserve supports five species of mangrove, and includes the tallest mangrove forest in the world – Manglares de Majagual – near the villages of La Tola and Olmedo. Most of the reserve is at sea level and none of it is above 35m. San Lorenzo lies in the middle of the reserve, making it a good base for exploration.

A highlight is the pristine 11km island beach of San Pedro near the Colombian border, but visitors should inquire about safety before venturing into this area. You can reach the reserve by paved road from San Lorenzo or Borbón, but for a more immersive experience, organize a boat tour with a local agency.

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