Parque Nacional Lago Enriquillo & Isla Cabritos

Dominican Republic

This park comprises Lago Enriquillo, an enormous saltwater lake 40m below sea level, and Isla Cabritos, the island at its center which supports various cacti and other desert flora. Park residents include an estimated 200 American crocodiles, and Ricord's and rhinoceros iguanas, some more than 30 years old and considerably bigger than most house cats.

There's a blooming of cactus flowers from March to June, and June also sees a small swarm of butterflies. From December to April you’ll see flamingos and egrets. In summer, temperatures of 50°C have been recorded, but it's hot here year-round – prepare your trip accordingly.

The park entrance and visitor center are about 3km east of La Descubierta. You only pay the entrance fee if you take a boat ride.

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