This one of the largest markets in Central Africa, and is worth visiting for the intrepid. Watch your belongings (better still, bring nothing with you at all) and be sure to go with a local who knows the place.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Kinshasa attractions

1. Église Ste Anne

0.68 MILES

Part of a large missionary compound, the Église Ste Anne is Kinshasa's main Catholic church.

2. Académie des Beaux-Arts

1.52 MILES

This regarded art school has loads of sculpture around the grounds, and you can often see students and professors at work.

3. Nôtre Dame Cathedral

1.53 MILES

Built under Belgian rule in 1947, this brick cathedral is one of Kinshasa's most important religious buildings.

4. Palais du Peuple

1.63 MILES

The Palais du Peuple (People's Palace) is home to DRC's legislature, made up of the National Assembly and Senate. It is not open to the public.

5. Laurent Kabila's Tomb

2.28 MILES

This tomb of former president Laurent Kabila (1939-2001) is worth seeing, although reaching it involves passing through several layers of security in the…

6. Palais de la Nation

2.31 MILES

Built in 1956 as the official residence of the Belgian governor general in Kinshasa, the Palais de la Nation was where Congo's first president, Patrick…

7. La Corniche


This wonderful modernised embankment is a great place for a stroll, and affords fantastic views over the Congo River to Kinshasa, looming in the distance…

8. Hôtel de Ville

3.21 MILES

Brazzaville's modernist city hall has an enviable location just by the Congo River, and anyone who has spent time in France will notice the unmistakable…