Must-see attractions in Kinshasa

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    Musée National de Kinshasa

    This amazing ethnographic archive comprising some 45,000 objects has been waiting patiently for its new home, a US$10 million prestige investment from…

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    Serpents du Congo

    This excellent snake farm is located 28km from downtown Kinshasa and makes for a great day out. Owner Franck will gladly show you the poisonous and…

  • Palais de la Nation

    Built in 1956 as the official residence of the Belgian governor general in Kinshasa, the Palais de la Nation was where Congo's first president, Patrick…

  • Laurent Kabila's Tomb

    This tomb of former president Laurent Kabila (1939-2001) is worth seeing, although reaching it involves passing through several layers of security in the…

  • Marché Central

    This one of the largest markets in Central Africa, and is worth visiting for the intrepid. Watch your belongings (better still, bring nothing with you at…

  • Palais du Peuple

    The Palais du Peuple (People's Palace) is home to DRC's legislature, made up of the National Assembly and Senate. It is not open to the public.

  • Académie des Beaux-Arts

    This regarded art school has loads of sculpture around the grounds, and you can often see students and professors at work.

  • Nôtre Dame Cathedral

    Built under Belgian rule in 1947, this brick cathedral is one of Kinshasa's most important religious buildings.

  • Église Ste Anne

    Part of a large missionary compound, the Église Ste Anne is Kinshasa's main Catholic church.