St George's Church

Central & Eastern Istria

Positioned by the cliffs at the far end of the old town, this church (completed in 1611) was in the throes of a major restoration during research but it usually contains gilded altars, and paintings of the life of St Anthony produced in the workshop of Venetian master Tiepolo.

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1. Large Well

0.05 MILES

At the centre of the old town is an ornate cistern topped with a well, built in 1789 in the rococo style. Look out for the carved lion, the symbol of…

2. Local History Museum

0.08 MILES

Housed in the grand Bigatto Palace (built 1639), this museum displays a collection of prehistoric and Roman artefacts as well as some ethnological items…

3. Church of the Blessed Virgin


Built by the Venetians in 1784, Buzet's pretty parish church has a pale-yellow ceiling with frescos, an elaborate pulpit and baroque altars. There's also…

4. Kotli

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Don't miss this almost-abandoned village, 2.5km off the road to Roč. It's set on a stream which all but dries up in summer, but at other times bubbles…

5. Glagolitic Alley

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The road from Roč to Hum has been dubbed Glagolitic Alley in reference to a series of 11 sculptures placed alongside it, commemorating the area’s…

6. St Jerome's Chapel

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Positioned in a cemetery just outside the town walls, this little 12th-century Romanesque chapel still has the remains of its original frescoes on the…

7. Galerija J Pohlen

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One of a number of small galleries to have opened in Hrastovlje in recent years, this quiet space exhibits works by sculptor Jožeta Pohlen (1926-2005),…

8. Church of the Holy Trinity

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What attracts most people to this little church is the famous Dance of Death or Danse Macabre, a fresco that shows 11 skeletons leading the same number of…