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Bogotá Region

Entrance to Laguna de Guatavita, the sacred lake and ritual center of the Muisca people. Guides on the 90-minute circuit tour are compulsory and included in the entrance price. Officially, there are always English guides available, but if one is not around, the tours leave every 15 minutes and you'll need to wait around until one becomes available.

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1. Catedral de Sal

16.82 MILES

Zipaquirá's stunning Catedral de Sal, 190m underground, was carved by removing 250,000 tons of salt; the resulting space is cinematically lit and packs a…

3. Museo El Chicó

28.27 MILES

Housed in a fine 18th-century casona (large, rambling house) surrounded by what was once a vast hacienda. It features a collection of historic objects of…

4. Espacio KB

29.77 MILES

One of several edgy art galleries that have sprung up in San Felipe, Bogotá's next cusp-of-cool barrio, this house-turned-gallery is a magnet for the city…