Iglesia de San Nicolás


This mock-Gothic church halfway along Paseo Bolívar is worth entering for its main altarpiece and pulpit.

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1. Catedral Metropolitana

1.03 MILES

This modern cathedral was completed in 1982. Don't be put off by its squat, heavy, somewhat bunkerlike exterior – go inside. The beautiful interior…

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The confusingly named Museo Romántico is actually a museum of the city's history, featuring quirky exhibits relating to Barranquilla's past, its famous…

3. Museo de Antropología

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On the 1st floor of the building of the Universidad del Atlántico, this museum displays a small collection of pre-Columbian pottery from different regions…

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Barranquilla's best art museum fills its space with rotating exhibitions from its larger permanent collection, which includes nationally renowned painters…