Parque Nacional Natural Farallones de Cali

National Park in Pance

This 1500-sq-km national park protects the headlands around Cali. During the height of the armed conflict it was closed and it has yet to be officially reopened to visitors. Security remains an issue in some areas and ecological protection measures are also in place to conserve the delicate ecosystem, making the majority of the park off-limits. The only path that is currently accessible, by hiring a guide in Pance, is the full-day hike to Pico de Loro.

Studies are underway in order to evaluate whether to reopen the five-day hike to Pico de Pance, PNN Farallones' iconic peak, so check the latest news at the park office in Cali before heading out.

At the time of research the park charged no entrance fees but this is likely to change when it officially reopens.