Hacienda Nápoles Adventure Park

Amusement Park in Around Medellín

A somewhat bizarre safari-themed adventure park built on what was Pablo Escobar's favorite farm. While Pablo's hippos are still around, the park management has done everything possible to remove other vestiges of the drug lord – including demolishing his mansion. What remains is a theme park without much of a theme – there are rides for the kids, a water park, a butterfly enclosure and some concrete dinosaurs but nothing to justify the trip.

The turnoff to Hacienda Nápoles is 1km from Doradal on the Medellín–Bogotá highway. From here to the park gate is a further 2km down an unpaved road. A taxi from town costs COP$10,000. Ask for the driver's number for the round-trip journey. The park can easily be visited on a day trip from Río Claro.