Steep canyon rising above Rio Claro.

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Reserva Natural Cañon de Río Claro

Top choice in Around Medellín

Within the boundaries of this private nature reserve, the river has carved a stunning canyon from its marble bed. You can visit the spectacular Caverna de los Guácharos, go white-water rafting, canopying, or just swim and hike. It's also a favorite spot for bird-watchers, who come to see everything from hummingbirds to herons.

The reserve/hotel offers four types of accommodations (rooms per person from COP$110,000 including three meals), the best of which is El Refugio, a 15-minute walk upriver from the reserve's restaurant (rooms per person COP$140,000 to COP$240,000).

Rooms face the open jungle, and you'll fall asleep to the loud thrum of crickets and the roar of the river beside you. You'll wake to see mist rising up through the jungle-clad canyon. Book in advance to make sure you get a river view. Service is hit and miss, and may disappoint considering the price tag.

Beer is for sale in the restaurant but hard liquor is forbidden.

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